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World Day for Safety and Health at Work

World Day for Safety and Health at Work
28th April 2017

According to the United Nations, 6,300 people die as a result of occupational accidents or work-related diseases every day across the world – that’s more than 2.3 million deaths per year. 317 million accidents occur on the job annually, many of which result in extended absences from work.

World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an annual international campaign to promote safe, healthy and decent work around the globe. Even in the UK, something often has to go wrong for a policy to be put in place. We believe that everyone has the right to be safe in work, not only in regards to their physical safety, but emotionally and mentally too. Conflict at work happens on a daily basis and can result in stress, anxiety and lost working hours for employers and employees. You can read more about individual experiences of conflict at work via our blog post about Workplace Conflict.

A national occupational culture of responsible health and safety is one in which the right to a safe and comfortable working environment is respected at all levels, where governments, employers and workers actively participate in securing a safe and healthy working environment for all involved. A system of defined rights, responsibilities and duties is imperative. Employers must consider the risks to employees (including the risk of reasonably foreseeable violence); decide how significant these risks are; decide what to do to prevent or control the risks and develop a clear management plan to achieve this.

To this end, Steps Training have designed several Open Courses ranging from Conflict Resolution to Lone Working and Personal Safety, and also offer Bespoke In-House Training in a range of disciplines. All of our courses are designed with national standards in mind, and many are CPD accredited. Call us on 02920 095300 to arrange bespoke training for your team.

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