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Think you know how to stay safe when Lone Working?

There are an estimated 6.8 million Lone Workers in the UK (Lone working is defined as being isolated in any environment/building) – that’s about 22% of the working population. With figures so high, it’s vital to stay safe when working alone.

Through the HASAW Act 1974/Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999, it is an organisation’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the lone worker, but this can only be done through equipping those who work alone with the tools necessary to manage any difficult situations should the need arise. These include supervision, support and training.

Putting your safety first begins with being PRO-ACTIVE – be aware of policies and procedures and avoid getting into dangerous situations. If you’re visiting a client’s home alone – trust your instincts (Dynamic risk assessment).

Your RESPONSE in a risky situation plays a huge part in staying safe. Awareness of de-escalation and effective communication techniques can be of the utmost importance when lone working.

All staff are vulnerable when Lone Working, Training supports staff and the organisation, no one should be allowed to slip through the net. New employees should be immediately trained in Lone Working and Personal Safety, but it’s also necessary to provide continuous (refreshers) and ongoing training for other members of staff.

Still not convinced? Insurance companies are able to reject claims if your Lone Worker policy is not in place or not up to date.

We offer in-house and open course Lone Working and Personal Safety Training. To book your session, call Becci or Katie, on 02920 095300.

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