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How to effectively care for someone living with dementia: our nuts and bolts open course

We’re pleased to be announcing a new open course designed to better the living quality of those living with dementia, their loved ones and their carers – “Dementia: Nuts and Bolts.”

Dementia… What is it? How does it feel? What can you do? How can you help?

This course will provide the answer to these questions. We will explore the different types of dementia and how it affects different people, including the impact that living with dementia has on individuals as well as their families and friends. Additionally, we will explore how we can support people to continue to live their lives to the fullest. Most importantly, we will develop an understanding and awareness of how to connect with those living with dementia.


All staff who provide support and work with Individuals and families who live with Dementia. The course is designed to enable support staff to confidently and effectively provide a person-centred service.


To raise awareness of the effects of Dementia and equip staff with the knowledge, understanding and strategies to enable them to carry out their role safely, consistently, effectively and with minimum stress.


  1. List different types of dementia
  2. Identify symptoms that may indicate dementia
  3. Understand the impact of dementia on the individual
  4. Compare the experiences of a person living with dementia to your own
  5. Discuss feelings that may be experienced by a person with dementia and their families and friends


Support staff will be equipped to confidently manage the often difficult and stressful situations that they are presented with whilst working closely with people who have Dementia. The course offers them the insight and knowledge of Dementia that is essential to focus on the individual rather than the condition. By taking a holistic approach to the issues that Dementia can present, the organisation can embrace the wellbeing of the support staff as well as the service user.

For further information or to reserve your place contact Steps Training on 02920 095300 or email @ St Line House, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff, CF10 5LR

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