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The groundbreaking steps we’ve made in resolving conflict

Conflict Resolution Day 2015
Conflict Resolution Day is an annual day of celebration, highlighting the steps we, as a society, have made towards tackling conflict in public sectors, schools and the workplace. It is held on the third Thursday of October every year.

The image above shows various buzzwords relating to conflict resolution, including ‘negotiation,’ ‘conciliation,’ ‘mediation,’ ‘arbitration‘ and ‘facilitation.’ (Click here for a larger-scale image.) Of course, there are many more words and phrases which relate to the management of conflict, but these are a great place to start. For more conflict-related keywords, take a look at our Glossary of terminology.

What is Conflict?

Conflict is defined as a disagreement or argument between two or more people. Negotiation and mediation often lead to a resolution of conflict which provides a win-win scenario for all parties involved. Unfortunately, many individuals experience conflict in the workplace, from healthcare professionals to teachers and kitchen help. Call centre staff are particularly vulnerable to conflict and confrontational situations, often experiencing abuse over the phone via irate customers and clients.

Although conflict is common, and for some may be a part of every day life, is it avoidable. At Steps Training, we provide accredited training in the prevention and management of work related conflict, meaning that every member of staff can work confidently and safely, without fear of conflict or aggression.

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